Hans Tielmann works for Pine Valley Tree Service, a family run business that has been in operation for over forty years. A tech savvy graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hans is passionate about trees. He and his crew promote safe and effective techniques in their everyday duties by using modern equipment matched with comprehensive strategy. Ever the Tree Tactician, Hans is adept at planning and executing tree removal projects in high risk environments.

Hans’s passion carries over into the world of social media where he exhibits his love for what he does best. As his Instagram shows Hans promotes fun and effective educational posts for arborists with an aim at broadening the consumer market. Hans also strives to improve safety standards without using fear as a motivator. 

Personal Credentials:

  • TCIA, ISA Member
  • CTSP- Certified Tree Care Safety Professional
  • CIC National Certified Crane Operator
  • EHAP- Electrical Hazard and Prevention Qualified
  • First Aid Certified
  • Winner of the 2015 TCIA Professional Communications Award for Social Media
  • Brand Ambassador- Echo Power Equipment USA

Product Reviews include:

TCIA Expo, Redwing Shoes, Stihl USA, Duluth Trading Co, Green Teeth Mfg, Recycled firefighter, Knot and Rope Supply, TreeStuff.com, Echo Power Equipment, Versalift, various equipment use.

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